May 2, 2022

34. Elon Musk, Twitter, and ESG

Here’s today’s letter:

I am lowkey stressed about Elon Musk and Twitter. At first when he said he wanted to buy Twitter I thought he was just trying to get the attention that he craves, but it turns out he was serious and I just read that he’s going to buy Twitter. I know on a rational level that he’s not the first billionaire to buy a media company, if that’s what Twitter is, but I feel stressed because I see Twitter as having been instrumental to some of the social causes that I care about. All of this has me thinking about something I heard on an early episode of the show, if Elon Musk becomes one of Twitter’s leaders, would that change Twitter’s ESG score?

Links from today's episode:,The%20shares%20promptly%20slumped%2010%25

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