Jan. 31, 2023

62. Most popular episodes of 2022

Most popular episodes of 2022:

Episode 23 Raising Generous Kids. 
Episode 29 My 2 Cents and My 2 Cents
Episode 37 Crypto versus the Environment 
Episode 33 What should I pay my first employee?
Episode 24 Should I donate if I’m broke?
Episode 25 What should I be reading?
Episode 30 What’s the Bank Doing With your Cash?
Episode 36 Greenwashing 101
Episode 38 Funding Reproductive Freedom

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Hi! Welcome to Spend Donate Invest. This is a place to discuss how we can line up the kind of world we’d like to live in, and…our money. So the topics cover all kinds of fascinating questions like- what if your 401K at work has a bunch of climate destroyers in it? Just how much should we be donating? And just how bad is crypto for the environment? If it’s about money and our power to create a better world, we will discuss it here. So anytime you find yourself thinking about what we can do beyond voting and protesting, specifically what we can do with our money, please drop a note. I’ll share the email address at the end of this episode.

What I thought I’d do today is to recap the most popular episodes from 2022.

The most popular episode in 2022 was Episode 23 Raising Generous Kids. 

Right after that, in terms of popularity was Episode 29 My 2 Cents and My 2 Cents, that was about whether or not we should weigh in on how our donations are used.

Episode 37 Crypto versus the Environment was next on the list. That was about the negative environmental consequences of crypto, such as the power requirements and the hardware that becomes obsolete very quickly.

Episode 33 was next on the list it was called “What should I pay my first employee?” and it was in response to a listener letter about starting up a company and wanting to pay a fair wage. I loved that topic because it seems like embedding our values into an organization is probably easier if you build the organization with those values rather than trying to force fit them to your organization after you’ve built it and things have solidified in ways that might not really match your values.

Episode 24 was the next most popular episode and it was called “Should I donate if I’m broke?” That was a good discussion on the relativity of wealth and financial security and some suggestions on how to think about whether you’re ready to give or not.

Episode 25 was the next most popular episode and it was called “What should I be reading?” That episode has adult and children book recommendations that relate to the topic we cover here, how to align our money and our values.

Episode 30 What’s the Bank Doing With your Cash was another popular episode, in it, I give you a tool to see how your bank scores in terms of metrics like supporting gun lobbies, do they do helpful things like lending out money to community initiatives. Do they fund fossil fuels. Etc, you can learn more on episode 30.

Greenwashing 101 was the next most popular episode, that was Episode 36. A quick education on how to not get tricked when trying to shop green.

And then of course, the episode on Funding Reproductive Freedom (Episode 38) was another popular episode for 2022.

So those were the most popular episodes of 2022! This year in 2023, lots more is planned, stay tuned for that, let’s spread the message this year, that we have power. We have the power to influence the world around us. And one of those sources of power is our money. Let’s talk more about it this year. Please share this podcast with your friends and colleagues, your classmates, that’s the best way to grow the community, word of mouth. Thanks and let’s talk again soon!